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Hedonsim Entrance

Stories you've heard about Hedonism are not legends.

  • Everything you've heard about Hedonism is true, for decades Hedonism Resorts has established a reputation for fulfilling dreams and ambitions pleasures that you don't get to experience with the standard society. It is an opportunity to get away and let out your hedonistic side with other likeminded people enjoying open bars, clothing optional white sandy beaches, a clothing optional pools and nude pools.
  • According to Wikipedia the definition of Hedonism is "a school of thought that argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good". In very simple terms, a hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure (pleasure minus pain).
  • It is all-inclusive. Your meals, top shelf drinks, and entertainment, all without tips...
  • 18 years old is the minimum age for the resort, and the drinking age in Jamaica is also 18.
Hedonsim Rooms

Hedonisms Suites and Rooms

Between the suites and rooms combined there is total of 280 rooms. All rooms are tiled so you don’t have to worry about dragging sand in from the beach; the shower is a Euro-Style Jacuzzi shower with 5 shower heads, they all have single beds or a king size bed. All of them come with your basic amenities such as shampoo, face and body wash, clock radio, a small safe to put your valuables, an iron and ironing board.

Hedonism II will do their best to try and pair single people of the same sex so they can split room costs and expenses. If a guest is staying in a room and wants to remain single, the room rate is then at regular price and a half.

The atmosphere at Hedo is like no other with their amazingly kind staff, beautiful sunsets, and warm sun.

Clothing Optional and Nude Beaches

Clothing Optional and Nude Beaches

On the clothing optional side of the beach is usually calmer than the nude side where people like to lounge around having cocktails and conversations, mostly just chilling more than partying. Also the prude side usually the ladies will take their tops of and leave their bottoms on.

The nude beach side is calm in the morning where people either like to float around on rafts while still trying to wake up, or relax and read either under a huge shade tree or catch some sun. The beach normally remains calmer than the pool where people can wade in the water and talk

After noon is when the ora starts to change after everyone is woke up, they like to start having cocktails and getting in the pool and begin partying. People mostly like to party at the nude pool because it has a full bar built right in, a grill where you can get food such as jerked chicken, cheeseburgers, fish, grilled cheese sandwiches and so on. There is also music at the pool and some games.

The Bars and Cocktails

The Bars and Cocktails

There is a bar located by the nude pool, the prude pool, and one in the dining area. They carry just about every type of liquor you can think of even a lot of top shelf liquors. There is also a bar in the night club and the piano bar; however these are only open in the evening after dinner.

The bartenders will make your drinks as strong as you want them, so remember to pace yourself because there is a whole week of partying ahead of you.

Meal Times

When you eat in the main dining area you will always want to wear something that covers your top and bottom. Dress nice for dinner however; think sexy dresses for the ladies and nice shirt, shorts and sandals for the gentlemen.

Breakfast is served in the main dining area from around 7:30AM to 11:00AM and a continental breakfast of cereal and muffins until 11:30AM. Lunch in the main dining area is from about 12:30PM to about 2:00PM. Jerked chicken, burgers, fish and some other snack type of foods are located at the nude and prude pools. Dinner in the main dining area is from about 6:30PM to 9:00PM. If you wish to dine in the Italian restaurant Martino’s, or the Japanese restaurant Harrysan is by reservation at the front entrance desk.

Theme Nights

Hedo II has a different dress theme outfits for each night of the week. Some people change for the theme after dinner, and many people even wear their their theme night outfits to dinner. Just before the evening entertainments begin Hedo has a best costume contest in which you can earn Hedo bucks and prizes for participating. The theme nights can be a lot of fun if you participate.

Theme Nights

Saturday Night is Mask Night.

Think mascaraed party with a sexy outfit, or maybe Mardi Gras with beads and jewel tones to wear with your mask.

Sunday Night is Naughty School Reunion

Naughty school girl and naughty school boy a popular theme amongst Hedo veterans. This night is really easy to come up with outfit ideas such as pleated short skirts, glasses, knee high socks and piggy tails. A lot of the men like to dress up for this night as well such as nerd glasses, high wasted pants with suspenders and pocket protectors. Some of the men also dress up like dumb jocks and naughty professors.

Monday night is Jamaican Booty Shorts or Pirates and Wenches

Most everyone gets dressed in Jamaica colors such as reds, greens, and yellows. Jamaica night is also paired with Pirates and Wenches Night where you definitely want to dress like a sexy wench. We have seen people dress in both styles, so you are free to choose the one that works best for you.

Tuesday Night is Pasties and Pajamas

It’s Pajamas a Pasties Tuesday. The ladies wear sexy lingerie, corsets and pj’s. Others wear pasties with a cute skirt or pajama bottoms. A lot of men wear pajama bottoms, so men don’t let yourself be left out. It is really a fun night and an easy one to do.

Wednesday Night is Fetish

Wednesday is fetish night, and it is a Hedonism II crowd favorite. People dress in outfits of leather, vinyl and even latex. People also accessorize with leashes, chains and whips. I think you get the idea.

Thursday Night is Black and White Night

Thursday is black and white night. Mostly the ladies will wear sexy dresses in black and or white. The men usually wear black or white shirts and shorts.

Friday Night is Rock Star Night

As if being at Hedo doesn't make you feel like a Rock Star already. Now it is time dress up like your favorite rock star for the night and party hard.

Group Theme Night Overrides

If you are coming with a group sometimes they will change the theme night, so you will definitely want to pay attention if they change a night. However, many of the people are still dressed in the above theme night outfits, so you won't be out of place if you do stick to the original theme.

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas for the theme nights, so search Google images if you need some creative ideas.

Make your reservations for Hedonism and enjoy the lifestyle of a true clothing optional Jamaican paradise.

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